You Need More Than A Lawyer, You Need An Advocate

If you are facing family issues or have been accused of a crime, you need an aggressive and experienced attorney. For many, these situations are some of the worst things they have ever faced. A lawyer who is experienced, professional and compassionate will help you through these overwhelming and stressful circumstances with understanding.

Anthony N. Pappadakis, PLLC, Attorney At Law, in Grand Blanc, Michigan, is here to listen, understand and give an objective assessment of your situation. He will assist you in criminal defense or family law issues. Mr. Pappadakis will advocate for you aggressively and give you the fighting chance you need and deserve.

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Dedication To Every Client Is Essential

Mr. Pappadakis is dedicated to all of his clients. He always fights and advocates for their best interests. You will work personally with Mr. Pappadakis from start to finish, and he will be there to answer all of your questions, help you understand your situation and advocate and fight for you. His firm prides itself on its passionate, aggressive and attentive legal services. Mr. Pappadakis will take care of you and always keep you informed of what is happening with your case.

Defending Against The Worst Allegations

Criminal defense representation requires aggressive and experienced advocacy as well as keen insight of the prosecution's case. Mr. Pappadakis believes everyone is entitled to an aggressive and zealous attorney regardless of what they are charged with or accused of. He will aggressively fight for you both inside and outside the courtroom, just as the Constitution demands. He will always be candid in what is possible with your case while always doing whatever he can to improve your situation.

Protecting You And Your Children

Family law requires a little more sensitivity, especially when children are involved. Your children are Mr. Pappadakis' first priority, just as they are yours. He wants to ensure their financial, emotional and physical security and stability as well as their overall well-being. With these priorities in mind, Mr. Pappadakis will ensure your goals are addressed and your voice is heard as divorce, custody, alimony and other family matters are investigated and negotiated. While trial is not necessary in many situations, the firm is unafraid to litigate if that is necessary for your case.

Get Started

No matter what you are facing, you deserve an attorney who will devote his time and energy fighting for you. With Anthony N. Pappadakis, PLLC, Attorney At Law, on your side, you can feel confident knowing you will receive the careful attention and passionate advocacy you want and need. Schedule an initial consultation by calling toll free at 877-379-8489. You can also get in touch via email.